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Project Description
This Windows Service lets you sync your files across other machines by using Cloud File Storage as gateway. Amazon S3 and Windows Azure supported.

Services like DropBox, Google Drive requires you to login to your machine, but this sync works without login as it is installed as windows service.

You should have Amazon S3 account or Windows Azure to sync files.

Working Services

Current working contains a console application with a sample config file, which you can easily configure and run it at regular intervals through Task Scheduler.

  1. Database Log Sync
    • Although Log Shipping exists, but it has limitation of local network, you can use Cloud Sync to sync your databases across different networks.
    • Database backups are Compressed and Encrypted with AES (Thanks to DotNetZip)
  2. Database Log Backup Synchronization
    • Every night Full backup is stored on Cloud
    • At regular interval on same day, log backup will be stored on Cloud
  3. Database Log Restore
    • Every night full backup will be restored
    • And every consecutive log backups will be restored and database will be left in Restoring mode

Planned Services

  1. Folder Synchronization
  2. IIS Settings Synchronization

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